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Is it Medication or Nothing?

My Partner has Schizo-effective Disorder - Is this illness purely only solved via medication?  He's an intelligent Man - Surely there is some other way...I know there is Cognitive Therapy, but he's never been offered this, and would be too unwell to attend appointments.  He's currently getting death threat, and with his laid back attitude and with me being too ill myself to help much - nothing is being done.  It all seems to be mainly talk about medication on this site, as far as I am concerned he could do with a kick of 'logical thought' rather than a kick of any other medication!!
Short and sweet, I know, but I am very concerned.  Beanie0 :-)
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i suffer from SZ it might be paranoia or psychotic thoughts -like me pills are the way to go no voices in remission group therapy is great to open up about yourself to get the right network working for you- Drifter
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through trial&error you can find out the right mix
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Medicine is the only way to have any sanity but most mentally ill people do not think they are sick and don't want your help .....medicine can be very helpful if they will take it but there is NO cure!  God bless u if you are suffering from this horrible disease!
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