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Is my Schiz making my memory worse, and can I avoid it?

I have had Schizophrenia for at least 4 years now. I know when I first noticed it, though I cannot remember when it started. In short, I have visual and auditory hallucinations constantly, and so far I only have 3 voices, two female and one male. I have had memory loss for as long as I can remember, which would be since 5th grade. I am 17 now.

My memory loss has gotten significantly worse. I went from being able to remember an assignment was due on a certain day to not being able to remember a number less than 5 minutes later, or being unable to remember a statement a minute later. I hve no idea how to avoid this and I was wondering if anyone could give me tips because I am hoping to catch my memory loss before it is too late, and my career depends on my memory.

I am not on any meds yet, if that helps.
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after taking meds eventually your memory will come back over time 9 years for me I have SZ since 07 three voices like yours cant concentrate long enough diabetes making me go blind
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I take Cogentin that effects my memory greatly its an anticholerant for parkinsons' disease
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