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Lexapro with schizophrenia

sir I had been using lexapro with my antipsychotic and lost my sexual drive due to ssri. i have discountinued lexapro . how much time will it take to regain my sexuall good feeling.
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i had the same thing happen to me but with prozac, it took a year to regain my sex drive. it's not good to discontinue meds you should probably taper off the drug with the supervision of a doctor :)
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Sometimes side effects can last a while even after you discontinue a drug, drifter0213 is correct in saying you should taper off the drug first before completely discontinuing it as the withdrawal can potentially screw you up bad.
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yes I slowly weaned omy dosage form 10 to 5 mg. but mt psychiatrist was stupid there was no requirement of lexoapro as didn;t had any depression. Now lets see how long this pssd lasts and taking welbutrin  will be helpfull or viagra will be more helpfull
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