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Low Estrogen and Schizophrenia

I have one friend who used to be a therapist and another friend who is studying psychology in college. I described my past symptoms to them (hallucinations, delusions, insomnia, etc. starting when I was 13 and I recovered from these symptoms two years later...). They both told me that I probably have a sex hormone imbalance. So, I looked this up on the internet and found out that low estrogen levels can trigger psychosis in people who are predisposed to schizophrenia.

One of my sisters has major depressive disorder, and another has rapid cycling type II bipolar. The three of us have different fathers.

So, a week before I start my period I self-mutilate, have crying fits, tics, delusions, suicidal thoughts, and paranoia. I don't hallucinate anymore and these symptoms last but three hours at most. I take 20 mg Citalopram (for panic attacks) and 150 mg Bupropion (for depression). Neither properly treats my symptoms. I feel better when I exercise, though.

I haven't told my doctor, who prescribed these medications, that I experienced a two-year long psychotic episode. Should I tell him about this, and tell him what the input of my friends was? Should I quit my drugs? I want to quit; how do I "wean" myself off of these drugs? Should I buy phytoestrogen supplements?

Thank you...
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    Yes you need to tell your doctor about this right away as they would need to update your diagnosis and treatment within their professional discretion. Neither of those medications specifically treat psychosis but it would be essential to remain on them and have your doctor decide what might be best for you. Also if at any time a hormonal imbalance might worsen it or it occurs at any time there are changes they could then if they would believe this waranted run appropriate tests to see if any secondary cause is contributing to this.
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Wow, your experience really helps shed light on my psychosis episode last year. I am much more stable now, but to know it is a hormonal imbalance..is really hopeful. <3 I hope your doctor can run tests and direct you to a good solution! You aren't alone and thank you for sharing!!
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sometimes meds should be adjusted around your side effects drink plenty of water and don't stop immediately the tremors may be too much to handle it almost killed me hope this helps I hear three voices delusions of romance paranoid etc. I go to support groups also :)
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