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Racing mind, controlling, insecure, jealous rage

Would the medication Strattera help my husband?

My husband has always been a bit jealous, controlling, and insecure. i always go out of my way to assure him that he does not need to worry about anything. the past 6 months i won't even leave the house without having him with me or on the phone the entire errand. However, it does not matter. He starts becoming delusional and let's his imagination get the best of him. However, when he finally calms down maybe 2 or 3 days later he comes back to reality and apologies. he is living with jealousy rage for no reason. His mind is always racing and he will talk for hours trying to express himself. I honestly believe he needs medication to assist him with this illness. I am 43 years old and have been with him 23 years. I always forgive his behavior and blame it on his mental illness. However, i now need help and hope there is a medication for him.
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medication is like hit &miss or trial and error but keep trying ok :)
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It might help him and it might now, as drifter0213 said, it's trial and error finding a medication that works.  You don't know for sure until you try said medication.
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It sounds like your husband need an evaluation with a mental health professional. Is he currently on medication, or has he had medication prescribed in the past? When treating any mental illness, it is always advisable to pair medication intervention with psychotherapy. While I understand your motive with reassuring your husband that his paranoia is unfounded, do not lose sight that his behaviors are delusional and unfounded, and your altering your life and behaviors to accommodate his mental illness is an unnecessary burden to bear alone.
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Strattera is chemically similar to an antidepressant, and it's used in ADHD. I'm curious why you ask about Strattera in particular. Has your husband been diagnosed with schizophrenia, or has he never been diagnosed, but you think he might have it? Did a doctor recommend Strattera, or did you hear it worked for someone you know? Is your husband being prescribed medications already? For schizophrenia, Strattera would probably not be the first medication prescribed. Just curious. Take care, and good luck!
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