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Schizonphrenic (?) friend. How to deal with it?

For years we were just really good friends.  She was kind and complimentary though always somewhat self-absorbed.  Then wham, out of the blue, she became cruel and mean, pugilistic, seaming to want to turn anything into something to be offended by.  There were all of these accusations where I was being, well "...a cold-hearted ***** who doesn't care if you hurt me over and over again."  None of her accusations were seemingly based on any reality.  After this all began, at first, for a year it seemed, I let her vent, but finally I had enough and I told her that she was like two people, and that I just totally rejected all of her accusations.  I am still blown away by it all.  The two people thing got her angry (hurt), told me that it brought back to her conversations she had with her mother, how her mother said she always ruined good things.  She as talked about her "inner voices" and the bullying she received growing up.  She is very bright, but seems to identify as being a victim.  She goes through stages where she gets really angry with her friends and writes them off.  Then things can get back to normal for awhile.  Finally, after the two people thing, she volunteered that she has worried about maybe being schizophrenic.  That sent me scurrying to read up on schizophrenia.  It sounds right, explains a lot.  I now worry that I just really mishandled the whole situation, though I have no idea how I could have changed any of it.
1.  Does this sound like schizophrenic behavior?
2.  If she is an undiagnosed case, how do I deal with it?  That is, do I confront her when she is accusatory or not?
3.  Any other advice would be most welcomed
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yes keep talking to her if you support her she will learn love to love you back takes time too peeps wit SZ have paranoia SZ is a form of permanent psychosis meds are a must they can help him to LEARN about how to cope and live wit SZ group therapy helped. be honest and open up. you are not alone k
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visual hallucinations and hearing voices is the most common symptoms i'm paranoid type I hear voices its maddening sometimes especially during stressful triggers  
Thanks for the help.  She isn't on meds, and just is concerned about having symptoms and gets upset if it is even slightly suggested that she may be.  I'm not sure how to deal with that.  It seems odd to me that her parents, esp her mom, brought up the problem without seeking any kind of help for her.  Anyway.  Thanks again for your input.  I am going to assume she is, and that will help a lot in how to deal with it.  I've read that you shouldn't allow the accusations slide, to confront them.  Would you agree with that?
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yes if its that simple everybody is different responds differently to meds what's good for me may not be good for her in reference to the type of meds available :)
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