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Schizophrenia being hereditary

Several members in my family have either bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Now, I've recently found out that I have Tardive Dyskinesia, which is fine, I don't really care. but what bugs me out is that I'm haveing the same symptoms as my uncle who is severely bipolar and schizophrenic.
I've had symptoms of movement disorders, I swear I always hear someone saying my name to the point where I've argued with poeple that I heard my name spoken, I see people too that when I do a doub;e take are gone, which means they were probably never there, I'm very disorganized in that, wehen I set out to do something, I'm easily distracted and get side tracked and then within minutes have forgotten what I'd ever intended to do in the first place. Now, the last thing, I'll blame on my ADHD because, well, that's what got me diagnosed in the first place :) I'm not AFRAID  of being schizophrenic or biupolar, I'm just worried 'I wont get medicated in time.
in regards to my bipolar fear. well, I'll post that on a bipolar blog thingy.
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Since tardive dyskinesia is medication induced a doctor would agree that you could not take any medication that would cause it again or it would worsen. It is treatable though and depending how advanced it is if it affects your motions fully you should go to a movement disorders specialist. Treatments include Botox shots for focal dystonia, Mirapex, Aricept, Bachlofen, Requip, Klonipin, Clonidine, Tetrabenzene, Zofran and the natural remedy in clinical study rhodiola (but it must be administered by a neurologist). As for medications for bipolar there are many options that won't cause or worsen tardive dyskinesia. As for schizophrenia, all antipsychotics except for Clozaril would worsen tardive dyskinesia so that would be your only available clinically available option. However, (and it can't be given with Clozaril and it must be administered under the care of a psychiatrist) the antipsychotic agent I am taking that is in Phase II FDA study glycine (for more information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine") cannot cause tardive dyskinesia and I have been documented as having made a full recovery from it. Glutamate transmission was found to be lacking in the genes of people with schizophrenia so it makes scientific sense. Can't post case studies here by regs but look up "glutamate antagonists" or their technical name "NMDA receptor modulators" on Pubmed for more information on clinical studies on this promising new treatment modality as regards antipsychotics.
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