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Schizophrenic Sister not sure what to do

Hi all my older Sister has Schizophrenia. She was taken away from my mum by our dad when she was 7 i was 3 and i had no contact with her till i was 14. Im now 25 Since than our relationship has been on and off because she will go on and off her Medication and have a episode in which she will accuse me off saying stuff i havent, thinks im trying to get our dad to hate her (i dont even talk to our dad) and believes iam out to ruin her life and that i hate her and is constantly lying about things i stopped talking to her after she went and lived with my mum with her boyfriend who he also had schizophrenia. He believed he was a saitinest and also practice this in my mums house. One night he freaked out and threw boiling hot coffee on my mum and started screaming at her so she called the police and had them removed. Since than our mum has passed and my sister thinks i refuse to talk to her because she thinks i think that its her fault our mum has died and i dont our mum was just unwell for a very long time. My other sister has started talking to her again to see if shes ok before mum died she wanted all us kids to stay in contact but im finding very hard to maintain a relationship with her because of what shes done and her episodes she has im not sure if there is something i could do to help when she does this
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she hears voices? I do SZ here
Yes she does hear voices
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some psychosis is treatable but SZ is permanent psychosis pills must be taken over a long period of time cuz it takes time for pills to work group therapy and a good doctor tell the doc everything
She is constantly going on and off her meds which is causing the episodes she has last time i talked to her was 3 yrs ago and she told me she was a lesbian because men scare her now shes in a relationship with a man and straight my other sister talks to her but im abit scared because she has these episodes and is so unpredictable
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