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Secondary effects of Clopixol

Hello! I have schizophrenia. I took 1 injection of 200 mg of Clopixol each month, that is about 6,6 mg/day, but I have stopped taking it. I read on the internet that the minimum dosage is 4 mg/day. I have stopped the treatment without passing through a period of time of taking the minimum dosage. Was that too abrupt? I also read on the web that the negative secondary effects of any anti-psychotic (including Clopixol) increase if one stops the treatment abruptly. I am asking you this because I have noticed that the secondary effects (intense itching, frequent urination, increased appetite, increased salivation - especially during the sleep - , sexual dysfunctions) are still there, despite my stopping of the treatment. I would like to for know how long will I have to put up with these secondary effects?
Please help me.
Thank you.
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meds don't work right away but it will for a period of time do not stop abruptly the side effects may be fatal drink plenty of water and tell your doctor about your side effects also group therapy made me realize I'm not alone hope this helps -scotty
Thanks for the reply. Why do you say the side effects could be fatal? Do you know that for sure? Fatal even after having stopped the treatment, albeit abruptly?
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