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Side effects of antipsychotic drugs

One year ago my sister's behavious was shockingly changed. We tried our best to manage but failed. We admitted her in hospital and they diagnosted schizophrenia. After One week we bring her home, she was mostly recovered and better. But one week later her body started vibration and severe pain in legs. we rush in different hospitals but no advantage. 5 days she couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. the condition was worst.
One hospital diagnosted as side effects of antipsychotic drugs. They started treatment with Injection (Zyclidine 10 mg).
She started recovering. after 3 days, again the condition become same. we got her home, but condition moving to worst. we rush again in hospital, and than same treatment was given.
Currently antipsychotic drugs are discontinued and she is taking
PK-Merz 1+0+1
Kampro 1+0+1
Kindly guide me how can we handle this diseas and side effect of antipsychotic drugs.
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your results should vary cuz its trial and error with the medications until you find the right one I hope this helps :)
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Thanks for the reply. can you please guide me in detail. I am in trouble because her condition seems serious.
I will be very thankful to you.
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  I had to look up the medications because some are not available in the U.S. or have different names.  Zyclidine is an anti Parkinsons medication
used to treat the temporary movement disorders of anti psychotics.
Compro is a medication with antipsychotic properties that is used less often now. PK-Merz is a medication used to treat the side effects
of anti-psychotics that in the U.S. is known as Symmetryl.
   Many of these medications are older or outdated. A psychiatrist
that would have more updated knowledge might be able to help better.
Temporary movement disorders from antipsychotics are common
and can be treated with a side effect pill within a psychiatrists
clinical discretion. There are further options as regards side effect pills. If there are further concerns with movement disorders
that don't improve over time a neurologist who is a movement disorders
specialist should be able to be of help.
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one more question. Please let me know how many days the side effects commonly remain in patient. There were two or more injections was given to her. Psycate 25mg.
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sometimes its permanent like my tongue moves on it's own :)
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im undifferentiated schizo. i am stable took ten years to get handle on but the biggest instigator of the symptoms is stress. quiet calm environment. plenty of sunlight and exercise. worst thing to do is lock the poor child up in a room where theres no stimulation(music, laughter, love  joy things like that) and sunlight. aside from the meds its hit or miss all the brains are different. i take risperidone.  good luck and many prayers.
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