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My 16 yr old son has just informed me that he has a voice telling him to do bad things,and also it is telling him he is invincible.Does this sound like he has Schizophrenia?
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It could be but also disorders like bipolar disorder can cause this too.  He would have to have several more symptoms before they would diagnose him with schizophrenia anyway.
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  It would be worthwhile to ask him when this started and if it comes and goes at times or if the voices are constant. Then this could be discussed with a psychiatrist but regardless it would be essential for him to seek help as there are a variety of diagnoses from bipolar with psychotic features to schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia with a mood disorder such as I have) that have psychosis and mood disruptions and only a psychiatrist would be able to provide a specific diagnosis.
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i have schizophrenia and i used to hear voices until i took risperdal :)
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