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What should I do? Possible P.S.

Hello my name is Emily and I used to see a psychiatrist. While there he said he thought I had Paranoid Schizophrenia, he ended up passing away and now I am searching for a new psychiatrist for me to attend. I am not sure what 'Specialities' the psychiatrist needs to have. I see a lot of 'Anxiety Disorders' when I check their 'Specialities'. But for my case I am not sure what to look for. I have gotten worse. I now have bad dellusions, hear things, and am suffereing from a few 'Voices' in my head(usually just one), what is really pushing me to see someone was last night I had what I think to be an 'Attack'. My head began to pound and the voices were so loud and it felt as though they were pushing me out of my head. When I would open my eyes they would roll to the back of my head, and when I woke up this morning I couldn't, and still, can't really remember a thing.

So. I am looking for a professional in the Chesapeake VA area, but it does not have to be exactly there. I was using 'http://www.docspot.com/' and I just wasn't sure, none of the 'Specialites' said things like, 'Mental Disorders' or 'Schizophrenia'.
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  Look up Nami (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and Narsda. They may or may not be able to find you a direct referral but they should be able to give you some information on agencies who could. Also perhaps a family member or guidance counselor could be of assistance.
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what you describe is schizophrenia a form of permanent psychosis a cognitive disorder good luck finding a doc :)
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