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Why can't I lose weight while taking Invega?Also my period is gone for 4 months why?

I started to take invega because risperidone was making me gain a lot of weight. I changed but I can't lose that weight. I was already taking sertraline I still take it. I stopped having my period when on invega and Pregnancy is not on the table already done the test. Can anyone help me?
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i gained 50lbs. taking risperidone for four years never helped me got fat quick stopped taking it I did not take anything else cuz the doctor I had was too chicken to change it (NITD) so I retried Geodon didn't help finally I take Seroquel I gained a little weight because I'm in too much pain to continue exercise I'm 45 and doing good overall I take Zoloft also 200 mg every morning- my sister takes it too
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try walking long distance then every week increase your distance more and more avoid soda chocolate and candy. eat right youll be happy too drowsy? try coffee :)
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I spoke with my sisters they said that there are a lot of factors stressed out? the meds they also said you might get your period soon now that its been four months hope this helps:)
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