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brief update

my thoughts have got worse. Last week or two has been tough for me, normally my thoughts of things that arent real I can normally control it through using logic. But last night I imagined some movie creature and later on im thinking maybe I seen it. my derealization comes and goes also. im having tough time adjusting to things, im away at school and come home on weekends but my dad has a new gf and has moved on. my mom died last november and i controlled my thoughts with will power because i know my mother wants me too be happy and I dont let her down. im 27 yrs old now and i think im going into madness.
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i am sorry to hear about your mother have you seen a doctor lately? are you taking any medications? you seem like you do not want to disappoint her anyway i hope you feel better soon ok :)
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I'm very sorry about your mother, but it's good to know you think of her and get comfort and strength in knowing she ofcourse wants you to be happy.
They say:  when you think you're going mad that's when you're not and I believe this too. You seem very aware of what's been going on with yourself and maybe you just need someone to talk to about your concerns as well as getting support.  Perhaps you should see your doctor or therapist and discuss all also....
You've been able to put things in perspective so you're not going mad; I think you're just under a lot of stress with all....feel better and talk with someone.  It will work out.
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Thanks for the support guys, I m on seroquel 50mg  been prescribed for abilify 5-10mg but am waiting to get healh insurance cause abilify is 586 dollars a month. I see a therapist tommorrow. I ve dealt with these thoughts for awhile now in before my mother passed away, but, I used reason and logic to get through it. my mother was the person I would go to see about my problems. she was so understanding, my two older brothers are great and my sister in law is a social worker.
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You're Welcome and I found this link for possible help with the cost of your medication.  There is a phone number there also.  I have never used this link, but you never know and do check on medicaid, medicare and also the pharmaseutical company that makes abilify.
Take Good Care and Hope you get help with the cost of the medication...
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