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cycloid psychoses...?

Last year midsummer time I had a bizarre episode. The main and most prominent part lasted 3 days where I literally had to keep moving, I Could Not Stop ... dancing; tap, ballet (if you could call it that) and general jumping and skipping about. I slept very little (after 22 hours for example, I was refreshed after laying down and having no more than a half hour). I sang, felt massive rushes of ecstatic joy, talked a fair bit of nonsense (or sang it) but at times was irritable, angry and at one point very tearful and at this point i was barefoot on a road and tried to jump infront of a car. The police were called and i was taken to hospital. I was quite confused in my thinking and behaviour and did some very strange things like befriending a fish in the tank at a&e, 'knowing' his name to be Mr. pink and empathising deeply with the situation he was in what with all the other fish being very unfriendly towards him. I would have set him free only there wasn't a river nearby... just as well really lol. I was hyper kinetic I think the term is. If I wasn't dancing and singing I was concerning myself with many other odd, or pointless activities. I remember becoming very distressed at one point where I ended up throwing myself on the floor after dancing into the nurses area and writhing on the floor because it was all getting too much. I couldn't stop and my mind was spinning and about to fly off into space never to return I felt. I came across some information the other day describing certain types of psychosis grouped under the term cycloid psychoses. These made this episode make sense. It was similar to mania but didn't quite fit. I wondered if anyone else had had similar experiences? Often a religious or spiritual context can be involved. The hyper-kinetic one is just one type of cycloid psychosis by the way.
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Thanks, I am already on a mood stabiliser and I was on an antipsychotic too however I stopped it over around two years ago. I still have it now occassionally though for when I really can't cope with the 'noise' in my head or where I just am completely overloaded. Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar. I will look into obtaining advice from a specialist however, I think that could help although in the UK I don't think it's very easy to do. My current psychiatrist who I have had for years is to be honest no help whatsoever. A performing monkey could do better than him. At least it would be entertaining and good company lol. I am just away with the fairies most of the time at the moment and really don't know what is really real. There is just no rest in my head and I have been swinging from major amusement at the oddest things / feeling great / talking and laughing to myself, making jokes and playing on words .. to slumping in a heap and crying wanting the world to end. It's unsettling. bipolar runs in the family, as does psychotic stuff. It is mainky the women who have been effected on my mums side and is often made worse after having children (I have a son who is 5)
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It seems to be a newer criteria being understand but as there are aspects of psychosis and mania most probably a psychiatrist would use an antipsychotic and a mood stabilizer. This is a list of all mood stabilizers available:
Antipsychotics are listed on that list. The antipsychotic agent I am on is still in Phase II FDA study so its not in standard usage yet. If your psychiatrist hasn't been of help, you could obtain a referral to a mood disorders specialist or psychopharmocologist who might be more familiar with FDA approved but lesser used treatments as well as emerging criteria for various psychotic disorders.
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