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medication for paranoid schizophrenia

I was wondering if anyone has found a medication for schizophrenia that does not cause so many side affects as weight gain, lethargic, exhausted, sleepy, hungry, fogginess, messy etc? Thank you
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trial&error with meds to find the right one
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  The antipsychotics from Abilify onwards are in a slightly class
of antipsychotic and are less likely to cause these side effects
although they still can occur. As the other post noted
each person responds differently to each medication
and it can take time to find one that a person can both tolerate
and respond to well.
   The medication I am taking has shown a more favorable side effect
profile as regards these type of side effects but it is still in a clinical study.
If more standard medications have not shown to be of help or
have difficulty being tolerated obtaining a referral
to a psychopharmocologist who are medication specialists
can be worthwhile. They would be familiar with medications
that are FDA approved but used off label and
could provide ideas about further potential options.
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