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Hello everyone. I'm an 18 year old female, diagnosed with scizoaffective disorder about two years ago. I have been taking a low dose of abilify and the average dose lamotrigine once a day for almost a year, but it seems like they aren't doing what they used to. I've started to notice how fatigued I feel and how emotional I've been. I haven't experienced any psychotic symptoms yet, but I'm afraid it could happen anytime. My anxiety has also been worrying me. My parents are considering taking me off meds and out of counseling altogether, but this also makes me a bit nervous as I have just returned from studying abroad and plan to apply to college very shortly. I guess I'm just wondering what people think about changing meds (and which meds to ask my doctor about) and I'm wondering if anyone as any advice for convincing my parents to keep me on meds at all. Thanks
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   Yes sometimes medications over time aren't effective as they were before and changing or adjusting them within a psychiatrist's clinical discretion can help. Also Abilify can cause nervousness and anxiety but each person responds differently to each medication. The 3 newest antipsychotics are Fanapt, Saphris and Latuda. This is a full list of mood stabilizers as of two years ago:
and since then there are more medications that are FDA approved and used off label for other purposes. For example I am on Lovaza as a mood stabilizer as are other people I know. If your psychiatrist is unable to help you they could refer you to a psychopharmocologist.
   It can be difficult when family members don't understand the need for medication and therapy. NAMI friends and family support groups can be of help. Also they have helpful informational literature. As well these websites would be of help for informational purposes:
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i agree people respond differrently to meds abilify did not work for me i take risperdal :)
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Thank you very much
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I think it all depends..what works for one person may not work for another.

If you feelyour meds are not having the same effect they used to, then you need to talk to your doctor. They'd have the best ideas for what to do next. I've been on quite a few meds and I've met people they've worked for and people they haven't. Be honest with your docs.

As far as it goes with your parents..how much are you comfortable in telling them? Maybe if they knew your fears/the way you are feeling they'd be more understanding and receptive to keeping you on meds. What does your doc say about it? Maybe if you told them the recommendation from your doc they'd understand more? I don't know..it's hard to explain to those close to you.

Good luck with everything...do what you need to do to keep yourself as well as you can whatever that might be.

Happy Christmas :)
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Thanks everyone. I did talk to my parents a bit more and they are keeping me on meds. I am also trying a higher dose of abilify, so we will see if that helps.
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