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mental disorder

my brother got married one month back. His wife's behaviour is not normal.We came to know that she takes following medicine

1. Lamitor bt100
2. Zapiz
3. Olimelt 10 mg
4. B- Cap.

In which desease people takes these medicine generally? Is it curable desease? He loves his wife too much.

what is your suggestion?



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100 mg. is on the low end of a standard dose of Lamictal. Olimelt is Zyprexa and 10 mg. is a standard dose. That anti-anxiety medication is at a normal dose. If Zyprexa is not found to be helpful then there are other anti-psychotics. Abilify has the least side effects of the ones clinical available. Current anti-psychotics do treat schizophrenia. I would not say they mitigate all the symptoms completely. I have made a full recovery from schizoaffective disorder with glycine, an antipsychotic in Phase II FDA study (for more information google "Dr. Javitt, glycine", my case study will be published in a psychiatric journal). Some trained psychopharmocologists have become aware of this treatment in clinical study and some might use it if standard antipsychotics fail to work as it can be taken with all conventional antipsychotics except for Clozaril with which it interacts. But see if what are standard FDA approved antipsychotics work. And if not you could call to the psychiatrist's attention what I am under study for but as not being FDA approved yet its still an unknown quantity although this form of antipsychotic (glutamate antagonist) once it is an approved medication (for more information on medications in study google "psychmeds123") as it eventually completes the studies will definitely be in use so a fuller recovery is ahead for people with schizoaffective disorder regardless.
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Regarding Glycine....  how do you obtain Glycine if this still is under
trial and not FDA approved yet?    Phase2  trial means a long way
before its availability.
If you are aware of any source of Glycine whether  diet/approved med
then please be kind enough to share.
Thank you.

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Glycine is available as a compound. The pills are useless and the powdered format the best. I am the first person to recover with it as a primary antipsychotic as in the official study it is given alongside a conventional antipsychotic. Its very effective. But I, like all site members would not want to be in the position to give someone information on something that they could take without their psychiatrists's supervision. If your psychiatrist is willing to administer it to you then that's their decision but ask them first. Bring them the link to the study (google "Dr. Javitt, glycine") and then I'll give you more information then. I just did an entry about it on a common music/book selling site that sells it as a compound. You can bring that information along with any information I posted in a journal (as its in the public domain) to your psychiatrist as well but they must approve its use first as does mine. And its use is as an antipsychotic agent only. Any other use listed on the web is misinformation. Thanks.
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Thank you for  the info.   As you said very correctly,  I would never suggest our
daughter taking it (Glycine) on its own until its well researched/FDA approved etc
but if we could obtain it then certainly she could try it alongside her Abilify.  She
is symptom free too but need more cognition.   She's always been academic and
as soon as she got better with Abilify wanted to do this masters and so far doing
it OK.  She still lacks energy and cognition and I very much hope addition of
Glycine might help.
Yesterday we looked for Glycine in BOOTS pharma.counter (UK) but they don't
sell it.  I'll try the health food shop.  
Thanks again.
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