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I read that one of my symptoms of SZ the inability to concentrate are thought-blocking even when I see my psych doc I bring a list of malady and still cant remember to break it out to let my doc now what I experience everyday please respond peeps
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You don't have any thoughts? I have a lot wrong with me. I was misdiagnosed and put on this poison. Now off, but I feel like my brain is severely damaged. You can pm me if you'd like.
oh ok no I cant concentrate read or write akathesia I cant sit still and poverty of speech
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when I get delusions I can be helped and the voices I hear are vivid and delusions of romance when I do speak its jumbo gibberish and nonsense these are my symptoms of Schizophrenia- paranoid type pills help in the long run but beneficial health is a trade-off :) tremors left side of body permanent neuroleptic-induced Tardive dyskinesia (tongue) movements can not control head to toe its a form of tic & tourettes syndrome Parkinson like music is my life
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I was 36. I'm now 46. October 2007 d' xd so I have SZ for 10 years now
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