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whats the chance i could be schizophrenic?

i know this might sound like a silly question to most and im sorry, but it has been on my mind for quite sometime now. my mum has had schizophrenia for a very long time, before i was born even and i am 17 years old. i have a younger sister that is 16 that shows a lot of qualities of a schizophrenic person, but i think she has other problems. i am not sure, she needs to get checked out soon. she has a strange way of thinking etc etc, but maybe thats her anorexia. all families have their problems and unfortunately i am kind of the mother of the family. i feel as if i am the only ''normal'' person in the house. i dont mean it in a rude way, but ive had to deal with so much abuse in my life and it just so happens it came from my mum and my dad who has mental problems too, but wont actually share what he has. i can be a little weird sometimes. i think, i feel, i over-look so much it drives me crazy, but doesnt everybody else? i do feel like i do have something wrong me with due to the child abuse and drama of this family...

what do you think the possibility is that i could be schizophrenic or my sister, now or in the future? opinions and facts are both welcome.

i hope youre all well, even though youre all on this site... :)
thanks reading!!!
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It would be best to speak to a talk therapist first as what you describe can come from years of emotional turmoil. Schizophrenia is something clinically seperate and involves psychotic thoughts and delusions. If a talk therapist or counselor believed a referral to a psychiatrist was neccessary they would then decide at that point. If your sister has anoxeria that can be caused by a variety of psychiatric disabilities but she should see a psychiatrist. Medication, talk therapy and behavioral therapy in combination are helpful for anorexia but as well it needs treatment because its physically dangerous if left to continue. There are NAMI friend and family support groups as well if your parents aren't as supportive as they should be.
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Hey..... anoxeria is a way of your sister having control over her life, she decides what goes into her body, she has control... this may be the result of having such a unstable home life and feeling like there is no control over the sitaution.  

As for schizophrenia it has been proven that it runs in families, so keep this in mind.... however saying this it doesn't mean you will develop it.  My mum, uncle and several members of my family have it but i don't.  You sound like you are just trying to cope with the world on your shoulders and are feeling the affects of such stress.... this is exactly what happened to me and as a result i now suffer fom panic attacks and anxiety.

With your mum being schizophrenic you will know the symtoms of the illness i'm sure.... hearing things that ani't there, becoming paranoid that people are coming for you or watching you or want to kill you, thinking you are God, thinking you are being invaded by alien beings etc.... the list is endless.  It's a combination of things put together and it's normal to feel a little paranoid every once in a while, it's if it becomes severe and you strat to think that fro example... the aliens are transmitting there messages through the t.v..... and you truely believe it, then you need help.

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Schizophrenia involves a whole range of positive (psychosis) and negative (characteristics missing) symptoms before it can be diagnosed.  You didn't go into much detail about what's buggin' ya' at all.  Only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis.
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