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what am i doing wrong?


    i'm an 18 year old freshman college student. i'm 5'6'' and i weigh 163 pounds. i have alot of rolls in my stomach and butt and my arms and thighs are flabby. on a daily basis i eat kelloggs two scoop raisin bran with the tabs at the top saying it's a good source of energy, fiber and heart healthy. i eat meijer bran light yogurt and Hormel compleats meals that you microwave for 90seconds. i also eat three or four slices of pound cake. meijer sliced pepperonis once in awhile , Member's mark turkey breast thats 98% fat free if i'm really hungry at dinner with the complete meal. Deans lite french onion dip with carrots broccali and cauliflower when i can, mario olives and sweet pickles once or twice a week. and banana's everyday . i drink water from meijer and nestle hot chocolate and cranberry juice both 100% and the light grape kind and tropicana orange juice and 2%milk with my cerial. i'm eating an apple right now for the first time in awhile and i still cant lose any weight. i have a treadmill in my bedroom and i work on that for an hour every few days and i think i may have to use it more often but i dont have time and nothing is changing. i feel like i'm eating better and i'm still gaining weight instead of losing it. this makes me dress in baggy jeans and t-shirts and hoodies everyday and i hate the way i look. i never wear bright colors and i even have what i term "skinny" clothes in my closet as incentive to lose weight but i dont think it's working.  the above list is everything i eat in different orders everyday. i eat cerial and yogurt and the 90min meals and the tropicana everyday, i mix with water when i feel thirsty for it and i have the pund cake slices everyday too cause there portable for when i'm at work and school. i'm desperate to lose weight so i can be happy with myself and i think i may be doing something wrong.   please help me.
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hey jessie, i don't have a PhD in anything, but I am a personal trainer and know a thing or two about diet and exercise.  I see that you put great effort into ensuring that you eat healty and don't eat too much junk, and that's great.  A good regimen involves 50% diet.  The other 50% of a successful regimen, unfortunately, involves exercise as well, and a good amount of it. I can see you have a great start, since fat loss (don't worry about what your weight is, worry about body/fat percentage) has more to do with aerobic exercise than weight lifting.  But not just any aerobic exercise.  It should be strenuous aerobic exercise.  Providing you do not have a physical condition that prevents it, you should continue running even though you start to feel the burn.  The first 30 mins to an hour during running, your body burns whatever carbs you put into your body that day, then, after that period of time, your body starts to burn fat.  An hour or more of running is very tough, I know, but it is mandatory, if you want to lose fat in a reasonable amount of time.  Like wanda said, it's better to workout more days and less time, than less days and more time.  Start out this way if 1 hour of running is too much.  Eventually, with time, you will need to run miles before you are satisfied ;)  But, also important is some measure of weight lifting.  Weight lifting isn't only for bodybuilders; it affects all parts of the body, not only muscles.  Very importantly, it boosts metabolism (not as much as running though), which of course will help you lose fat.  I know not everybody likes to do this, but, talk to a trainer who can help put you on a good weight lifting plan suited to your goals.  If you don't have time for all that, do push ups, situps, and other exercises that don't involve equipment; they help more than you think and it's better than nothing.  
Please remember these important points.  If you are going to start a workout plan and PLAN TO STICK TO IT CONSISTENTLY,  as far as diet: EAT LOTS OF PROTEIN; CARBS ARE IMPORTANT FOR ENERGY; DRINK LOTS OF WATER; CALCIUM IS IMPORTANT TOO,   but most importantly for anyone who is conscient of their fat content and body appearance:    
THE AMOUNT OF FAT, CARBS, AND SUGAR THAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BODY BETTER BE IN PROPORTION TO THE AMOUNT OF EXERCISE OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY THAT YOU DO IN EVERYDAY LIFE, OR ELSE ALL THOSE THREE WILL TURN TO FAT IF NOT USED UP!!!  This is why certain people seem to eat whatever they want and never seem to get fat.  Chances are, they are pretty active when they are not eating in their daily lives.  
I recommend sites such as Men's Health and other sites specializing in body building for GOOD and EFFECTIVE advice on diet and exercising.  Those sites and magazines don't only give advice suitable for bodybuilders. They are useful for everybody.  I deeply apologize if any of this advice was not helpful or if I offended you in anyway.  I hope I didn't sound condescending.  Good luck with your efforts and NEVER EVER give up.  Be strong!!! and when you're working out say to  yourself NO PAIN!! C'MON!!  and the like, when your energy seems to be at end.  Those people with perfect bodies didn't get it easy, believe me.  They went through hell!
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Thank you for saying to except herself the way she isn and to be kinder to herself.  That's so important!

; ) Dana
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Is this the first time you are trying to lose weight?  Or does it just seem harder this time?  

It is important to realize that as a freshman college student you are under a lot of stress.  As a freshman, you are adjusting to a whole new environment from high school.  Sometimes when you are subjected to a lot of stress, your body may respond by holding on or storing additional weight.  It could be a way of helping you physiologically cope with this new stress.

The first recommendation would be to have a medical check-up.  As a student, you may be eligible to be seen by the school's medical clinic.  It is important to first rule out any medical reasons.  Next, I would contact a nutritionist to review your eating patterns and the recommended dietary intake for your height and weight.  She may recommend an exercise regimen that works for you.  The key is consistency.  It is more effective to be actively involved in physical activity for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, instead of 1 hour every few days.  

Another recommendation is to be kinder to yourself.  It is so crucial to accept yourself as you are right now.  It may be beneficial to also meet with a school counselor to receive some additional support during this stressful time in your life.

Your Forum coach, Wanda
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