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Temporary blindness and disorientation

Does anyone have information on the following type of incident?  A few days ago, I came out
of the bathroom and apparently became disoriented and lost my vision.  The whole incident
lasted a minute or less. During this incident I thought our power had gone away.  It seemed
unusually dark.  Also, at that time I was feeling around what I thought was the kitchen wall
for the light switch, but the wall didn't feel right.  It turned out that I was in the doorway of
the guest bedroom in the opposite direction that I had intended to go when leaving the
bathroom.  My vision came back a little at a time and the whole incident was over.  I
don't think it was a TIA because I had no numbness or weakness in my face or limbs.
It was almost an hour before I realized for sure that an incident had occurred at all.  I
have had no recurrenced as of today.
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I have not heard of this, but i hope you have told your DR about this.  luck  jo
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Yup. You had a clot (a stroke) blocking a blood vessel, and a very lucky fellow you aren't blind for life.

If your physician/ health care provider didn't have the brains to know this IMMEDIATELY FLEE!  You have a health-care prover who recieved his credential by sending in box-tops.

To cut to the chase: "What is the etiology?"

Could be as simple as dehydration, requiring nothing more than drinking more electrolytes. Or immobility.

You should be taking a daily sode of 1000mg omega-3 oils and get a work-up to ***** your blood clotting status.

Pomegranite and blueberrys daily will help scub out the plaque.
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Swampy sure hopes you went and saw a doctor about this.

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Yup, swampcritter. Advice endorsed.
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Incidentally, you will excuse me for nstating what swampcritter said immediately, but I have the flu and my mentation is zilch. A lifetime of debauchery has not helped me either.

The deal is this"

(1) Biggest liklihood is this is a one-time incident caused by dehydration.
(2) A possibility is that this is the first of a sequence of strokes that will leave you a vegetable.
(3) You need an MRI as of yesterday.
(4) A diagnosis is beyond my pay-grade, but if you did bring this to a doctor and he didn't order an MRI he has headspace and timing problems. Find another health-care provider.

The liklihood is this was a one-time event, but the consequences of ignoring it are so terrible that you mjust recieve a proper work-up.

As the Jedi says:

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Thanks for your straightforward advice.  I did see my doctor and
had the following:  MRI of my head, heart and corotid artery, and
lab work.  No abnormalities were noted.  In fact I came out good
for a 75 year old with Heart problems; glaucoma, type 2 diabetes
and I take Cordorone (amiodaron) and coumadin.  No further
incidents have occurred to date.  I should note that my brother
who is 4 years older than me had a series of such strokes in 2008,
some resulting in serious falls breaking a rib on one occasion.  
However, he is, or was, a drinker and not on any blood thinner
other than that.  I had a TIA in 1991, so if there is another
17 years before the next one, I will most likely be safely home.

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