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When to Move Mom to Senior Assisted Living?

Moving mom to Assisted Living Community can be very emotional.  As the saying goes, “there’s no place like home”.  The decision to move mom out of her home is never easy.  But, if I don’t move her now, when?
Recognizing the Need

Is senior assisted living the Right Choice for Mom?  The hardest thing for a mother to hear is when you say that she needs help. Natural tendency would be a denial.  Since problems concerning her living condition are becoming more prominent, each day gives me a clear hint that mom needs to be moved to a senior living home.

    * Frequent bruising as result of daily chores.  Problems with her balance and failing mobility are to blame for these. Mom may try to hide it, but I know she needs help.  I feel like moving her from her home to an elderly care facility right away.

    * Depression.  Isolation is one big cause. Senior assisted living community will provide her company and elder care she needs.

    * Weight loss. This may be caused by her inability to go out, shop, and cook for herself.  She definitely needs to be brought to a senior assisted living facility for help.  Bad signs include empty refrigerator or filled with spoiled food.

    * Hygiene. Poor hygiene is a clear sign that mom needs to be brought to a senior housing instead of staying at home alone. If she cannot take regular bath or change clothes because of physical limitations, she definitely needs a home where she can be properly taken care of.

    * Inappropriate behavior.  Noticeable unusual behavior such as wearing clothes that are inappropriate with the weather.

    * Memory loss.  Mom requires elder care.  She frequently forgets taking her medication and going to medical and dental appointments.

How does mom feels about elder care and senior housing?

The idea of moving to a senior housing facility is a lot tougher to consider on the part of my mom because of strong attachment.  She may be grieving because she will move out from her home where she has lots of memories.  She feels sad leaving the home she, together with my dad, has lived for many years. Moving to a senior housing facility may also give her the feeling of vulnerability and loss of freedom.

It is important to understand these issues and address them with a sympathetic ear. I will explain to her that she has to receive elder care from a senior housing facility for her own good. I will explain benefits she will get from moving.  I will talk to mom about her safety and how living in a senior assisted living community will keep her safe and happy.

Ultimately, when deciding the right time to move mom or dad at senior assisted living, if possible, make sure that you involve your parent in the decision process.  It will make the move from their home to a senior assisted living facility easier for them.
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