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Worn Knee Cartilage

More than 20 years ago, the cartilage in my knees was worn away, and I've been suffering bone-on-bone in that time. I have heard of stories of sportsmen etc who have repaired cartilage by injection. However, I do not understand the process behind this. Could someone explain this in more detail, please?
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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the Senior Health Forum. I am very sorry to hear about your torn/worn cartilage. You must be in horrid pain and my heart goes out to you.

Unfortunately once your joint becomes bone on bone there is little left to do other then a total knee replacement. Cartilage replacement procedure is not a simple task. Procedures and products are being tested every day but to my knowledge the usual "cure" is a knee replacement.  

There are some "injections" that are used for some ppl that have minimal cartilage damage. They work for some and not for others. When arthritis damages the joint the "injection" procedures are not generally utilized or as successful.

The good news is that knee replacement surgery has been perfected. It's a safe surgery, for most ppl and with good rehab has great outcomes. "Bad knees" run in my family and most of my family (of varying ages)  have had this surgery with very good results.

Had you have steroidal injections? This in not a material but a medication that sometimes helps with inflammation and pain. It is not a cure and again, works well for some and not as well for others.  

What is important is that you check with your PCP. Request a referral to a orthopedic surgeon. He/she will offer the options available...and explain them to you. I cannot guess what there may be appropriate for you.

I hope you will share with us what you discover. I'll look forward to your updates.

Best of Luck to You,
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Hi Jimbau,

I want to join Tuck in Welcoming you to the Senior Health Forum and let you know that we are glad that you have found this Forum. :)

I'm so sorry to hear about the pain that you are having in your knees!  There's NOTHING that I have to add to Tuck's information above.  As usual, she has covered all of the basis.

When it's bone on bone and NO cartilage is left that will PROBABLY limit your options.  Eventually, I will be facing Total Knee Replacements in both of my knees, also.  I've already had 3 Total Hip Replacements, the First one was 30 years ago and the last one was on September 8, 2010, just 4 months ago.  I can tell you that these procedures - BOTH the Hip AND Knee Implants are VERY advanced and last for 20 to 30 years!! The BEAUTIFUL thing about the implants is that when you awaken AFTER the surgery, your PAIN that you are suffering now - WILL BE GONE!!!  It's such a GREAT FEELING!

The reason for My Hip Implant was from Osteoarthritis.  Even though you didn't say what caused your cartilage to wear away - YOUR pain is just the SAME!!! I KNOW how HORRIFIC that pain is with EVERY step that you take and the pain STILL remains when you are laying down, at least MINE was.  :{

I HOPE that you will keep us informed as to what you try AND to how you are doing.

I wish you the VERY best and look forward to your NEXT update............Sherry  :)
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