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unbearable pain from spine,hips and knees

hello people,
I am 60 yr old female with spine curvature, hip and knee arthritis I am having 100mcg fentanol but nothing for breakthrough pain which is detting worse.Being refered to pain management clinic but god knows wden! I feel so tired and pain comes through different movements,can anyone help?
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You might consider using medical grade dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO, which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory. The fentanol patch does not affect glial cells which cause most of the pain. DMSO is not approved - it is available on the internet without prescription - and must be used judiciously over squeaky clean skin surfaces. It will transmit any contaminents directly through the skin. It really should be applied by someone else. Do a google search on methods of application. A tiny amount applied to the legs will result in a garlic taste on the tongue seconds later. That is how quickly it goes through the system. The industrial grade is unacceptable.
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You likely can only sleep for so long and then have to get up because you just ache too much, am I right?   If so, no wonder you are tired!  A mattress that is properly cushions your aching bones while giving adequate spine support is really important.  If you don't want to go to the expense of a new mattress, you might consider a cushiony topper for your mattress to see if it affords you any relief.  

If you have to lay around a lot, an eggcrate cushion might be good to try to keep too much pressure on your skin in the area of your joints.  Putting a supportive pillow under your calves and feet (not under your knees, as the popliteal arteries run through close to the surface, I believe at that point and pressure on those is not good) might help take some of the pressure off your back if you lie on your back.  Having a body pillow for when you lay on your side you can hug with your knees and your arm can also help take pressure off your back.

Exercise in a heated pool can help strengthen the joints' supporting structures while it does not hurt like the exercise where your full weight comes to bear on the joints while exercising outside the pool.  Do you have a heated pool or a local Y gym with one?  I used to go where they had someone calling out exercises and most of the people there were older individuals- I remember one who had recently had a hip replacement, for example.  If you have gained some unwanted pounds, which puts a lot of extra stress on your hip and knee joints, a heated pool might be a good place to work toward shedding them!

Glucosamine Chondroitin is often mentioned by doctors for taking when you have arthritis as an over the counter supplement.  Another over the counter supplement to promote joint health is Naturemade brand of Sam-E (also is supposed to help mood).  Cortisone shots are sometimes given by doctors to help with arthritis inflammation and the pain that comes with it, but those should only be given if the doctor believes it's best with the rest of your medical history and also not too often, as cortisone can have unwanted side effects taken long term.

Scientific study has been done on acupuncture for arthritis in the knees which proves it can be effective in a number of people compared to those who got the placebo treatment with the thin needles put in the incorrect positions.

Moist heat for 10 to 20 minutes might help with stiffness and a large ice pack (like a wrap around one with velcro) for inflammation might help (as well as cold is said to send a stronger signal than pain to the brain).

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