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Confusion regarding Sensory as its own diagnosis

I am often saddened by the confusion regarding different diagnosis that exist.  Sensory Integration disorder is a diagnosis that can be all by itself.  OR, it can be a second diagnosis on top of something like Aspergers, autism, or add/adhd.  The symptoms of sensory are separate from those diagnosis and it is unfortunate the lack of education regarding this.  I believe it causes kids to not receive the targeted help that will be of most benefit to them in the long run.  I really encourage parents to educate themselves about the disorders/developmental delays to have the best understanding of them.  

The beauty of overcoming the above challenges is the evolving knowledge and treatments that are available.  

If anyone needs help understanding how they are different, please ask.  I'm here to help.  Education is power!
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At times, it is frightening that some have such little information on sensory that they continue to think it is part of aspergers or autism.  Sadly, they are not then getting the targeted help their kids need making their ability to overcome the challenges of sensory very hard and much slower.  

Education is power.  
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I am 20 years old and I believe I have SPD/SID, but my doctor is more worried about solving my anxiety than helping me with the sensory issues I face. I grew up being teased for how I ate and every time I said, "ow" I'd get the classic, "That did NOT hurt!" or "I BARELY touched you!" I don't necessarily blame them, because they didn't understand that I wasn't reacting for attention, I was reacting because it HURT!
I really, really want this disorder to be better understood so that it doesn't go untreated like it was for me. It doesn't help that it isn't a "real" disorder, therefore it's not getting enough research. I don't want any other kids to have to hide that they aren't eating everything on their plate. I don't want any other kids crying about the pain they're in and the fact that no one seems to believe them.
I am so done with the lack of education on this subject and I really really want the light to come to this topic. There needs to be more research and I would be a willing participant in any related studies because it doesn't just go away with age. Maybe if I had had the proper help I wouldn't have to deal with this as much as an adult.
I hope other adults with this problem come out and say something about it because it is very real and has a real effect on daily life.
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