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How do I help my 10 year old who self stimulates at school?

My 10 year old daughter has always been a thumb sucker at home. When we pushed her to stop she found other self stimulations things to do in its place, chewing on hair,  and her newest stim is to press on her inner thigh. When she does this at school she has a  glazed looked,  does not focus and it looks inappropriate. It is occurring about 10 times an hour at various times with teachers trying to redirect her. She is a bright student but it is starting to affect her academically and I'm worried that it is affecting her sociallly. It does not occur at recess, lunch or small group time. At home she ***** her thumb so we don't see it offen. She receives OT services at school but she hadn't bought into any other suggested coping skills. They are suggesting that I go to a pyscharists? She did see a therapist for the pass year who helped her with some anxiety and how to calm down when upset.  Yet, feel I should have her see a specialist for the sensory needs. Who would that be? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly welcomed.  Please.  We have tried a few things and I'm unsure what to try next. The school has no new plans for me except to find outside help.
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Kinda sounds like ADD
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