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22 Erectile Dysfunction


I am 22 and a college student. In February I began to notice I was having erectile dysfunction fairly regularly. Erections were fewer, sometimes would not happen at all, sometimes they would be semi-erect, and sometimes fine. They seemed to last less long as well. I went on a run in early April and came home thinking I was having a heart attack. I had a blood test 2 urinalyses, 2 ekgs, and a stress test ekg, all of which were fine. I was told I was having panic attacks and anxiety. I spent much of the summer trying to cope with arm pains, tingling extremities, chest pains, back pains, depresssion, insomnia, dark circles under my eyes constantly, etc. and my continuing erectile dysfunction, which was made worse with depression. Its September now and through psychology sessions I have eliminated my panic attacks and many of my other symptoms. However, I still have a low sex drive and frequent erectile dysfunction. I talked to my PCP about this and he said that because I can still get normal erections sometimes, all hormones, blood supply, and nerves are working properly and there is nothing to be done but relax. Is this a reasonable assessment or should I look into it more?
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Your story couldn't be more like mine, I have all the same problems and its killing me. Have you talked to any one yet?
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guys i ve been there where u are so many times.... recently i suffered from anxiety panic attacks, hiv related fears..... but after riding the storm i came out the other end stronger.... i still have some of it and still loose erections when it comes to sex.... when i musturbate i do fine....
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