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3 week period

So, i just went to the doctor because after my surgery, and new birth control, my period has lasted about 3 weeks and now has a horrible odor. She doesnt know what it is. I now have to wash 4+ times a day down there to keep it smelling clean. Plus, i have had a full on period for the past three weeks. She says that it may be the switch in birth control pills, it may be because of all the medication and i may have a bacterial infection because of the antibiodics used during surgery. It could be an STD, even though i havent had sex in almost 3 months. She threw out all these possibilities, yet did not offer an answer. Has anyone ever had something like this? No itching or burning with urination, a funny smell that has just started to happen, no bumps or lesions, nothing that seems different down there, other than the period. its just aggrivating... i dont like it to last one week, let alone three lol
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I think you need to see a new ob/gyn. It could be any of those things that your doctor told you about, but it dosen't do you any good if they don't know for sure and don't give you any treatment.
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I got my results back today... negative for all tests... no yeast infection, no excess bacteria, ph was normal, and no std's (thank god) but still no answers and this is going into my 4th week
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hey i dont mean to scare you but have they done a full pelvic exam? my mom had the same problem and it was not cancer but she had cancerous cells that could have turned if left untreated. I am NPT saying that is what it is but you should see a new OB/GYN and make sure they are doing a complete exam to rule out every possible thing.
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I'd say it's time to change bc pills. Perhaps try something with a stronger progesterone.  Really is time to find another OB/GYN.
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