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31yr male

Hi im a31 yr male living in sydney AUS , I had  blood test done 2 years  ago and all was good . I recently bsplit from my girlfriend 6mths ago and have been rather reckless. 2weeks ago i went out with some mates and ended up at a massage palour and had sex with two sex workers , both used condoms when giving me oral and vaginal sex . one week ago like an idiot , i got drunk and ended up at the same massage palour and again had sex with 2 sex workers , again they used condoms during oral and vaginal sex . however on this ocassion i placed my mouth/tongue on the one womans vagina ( for about 10secs without protection) and inserted my finger/thumb into her vagina and anus without protection on my hands .) on both ocassions i did not ejeculate. my concerns are (no.1)what risk am i at for picking something up , regarding what i have told you , and my other concern is that i did have abrassions on the middle of my penis( from mastibating 2 days before ) although the condom would have covered this area.i realize the risk i put myself at by visitng the massage palour (and have sworn never to go back !!!) , and i try tell myself that the palour seemed professional as they would inspect clients and make them shower before performing any sexual acts, and surely they get tested and wouldnt be allowed to work if they had any serious infections , but i am a very paranoid person and im worried that my drunken choice  has ruined my life..the fear is over whelming....
it has been about a week since i was there and although i have no obvious symptoms  ( i did have a  mild heat rash before i visited the parlour (by my groin from sweating at work in the summer) but i have been using a fungal cream for a couple of days and it has cleared up now), (No.2)how long should i wait if i should be tested for stds ?, and No.3 is it safe for me to continue having protective sex  (obviously not at the palour , im never going back , but with someone else?  

I have read serveral of the questions to you and respect your insight and views

thank you    
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anytime you do anything unprotected or protected theres a risk of catching something. dont go back anymore.  stds can show up 6 months after you get them. they can ly dormant for a good amount of time. but knowing that you might have something and going out and doing stuff with other people is jacked.  giving the gift that never stops giving is not cool.
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The first thing that is important is did your thumb ejaculate?

Sorry now that my mandated stupid joke is out of the way, the chances of an std from oral sex are there but minimal.  Protected sex should be fine.  Your hands should be fine with normal hygiene.
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