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A fight over birth control methods...

My boyfriend messaged me tonight telling me he read in a medical journal that "pulling out" leads to sexual dysfunction and that we need to find other means of birth control. Ok, fine. He then tells me that I need to look up the DMPA shot or  sub dermal implants. Ok, woah... slow down there. It's like I have no choice in the matter all of a sudden. He's paranoid about pregnancy so he wants me on the most efficient B/C out there but hasn't even asked me about it...

I took the pill form of the Depo shot (it's all progesterone) to see how I would tolerate that form of B/C rather than getting a shot and becoming a she-beast for 3 months. Turns out it makes me crazy and I had to stop. I know this because he always told me I was mean etc etc (which made me feel worse of course).  SO! We can rule out the Depo shot as that will definitely NOT be a good choice for me personally.

Now: the implant. I have no info on that or what it's like. I have terribly heavy periods that cause around 13-20 POUNDS of water weight gain!!! I get really bitchy and it's generally a terrible time in my life and everyone else around me for a week. If this thing is progesterone then its a total "no-go" for me.

Question: should he suck it up and let me chose a birth control for myself?
Should I look into one of these B/C methods?
Is it ok to take Yaz (as far as effectivness)?
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it's not his decision what b/c you are on. that is COMPLETELY up to him. if he doesn't like it...oh well.

i have the mirena iud but in order to get this iud you have to have had a child. (i'm not sure why but that's what my ob told me)

i'd heard bad things about yaz. talk with your ob/gyn. s/he will be able to help you decide on a b/c method that is best for you.
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Another question: will "pulling out" really cause "sexual dysfunction" in the long run? If so, how?
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no...it will not.

pulling out isn't smart though. it is like playing russian roulette with pregnancy. eventually you will loose. you're lucky you haven't yet. a man secretes pre ejaculatory fluid the entire time during sex and that DOES contain sperm.
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Of course you have the right to decide on the best birth control for you, he should not force you into anything in these matters.
Pulling out is really not very safe method in prevention from pregnancy. What kind of sexual dysfunction did the medical journal mention? (erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation or something similar?). There is no rule that pulling out automatically leads to dysfunction, but for some men it can start sexual problems - I mean it depends on their reactions to this method, if pulling out before ejaculation leads to discomfort or distress for them (because of interrupting the process or because of serious fears and worries about pregnancy), then it can have a negative impact on their sexual functions (probably through psychic factors closely related to sex, so in this way this medical journal might be right.
Why not to use condoms? (if he/you have some problems with it, then I understand that it is not a suitable option...of course)
If your boyfriend tries to force you into some pills which you do not want, you can show him the information about possible side effects - e.g. reducing female libido/desire for sex - and he will probably stop forcing you. (ok, this idea may seem quite crazy, so I´m sorry:)
Good luck!
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the pull out does not lead to dysfunction however it is a poor choice for effective birth control. i think there should be a male form of BC--so they can deal with the side effects. have you thought about ortho evra patch or the ring?
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First things first. Its your body and you should definitely choose a birth control that YOU are comfortable with! I had the same problem. I took a birth control that made me into a whirlwind of emotions.. they should have named a hurricane after me. So I stopped taking it and tried a new method and BOOM. problem solved. Ask your doctor about what birth control he/she suggests and get as much info as you can in order to better prepare yourself. Next thing. I have had multiple friends take Yaz and they all give it two thumbs down... one of them even got a blood clot from her leg to her stomach. So no go on that Idea!!! and let see.... pulling out.. thats just ridiculous! there is NO WAY of being safe with that method! pre has sperm in it to believe it or not... I actually had to convince my boyfriend about this too... but it truely is like russian roulette! don't take the chance unless you are ready to add onto your family!
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