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Addicted to wearing plastic pants

I have become addicted to wearing plastic diaper pants by themselves next to the skin 24/7.

How long would anyone recommend they should be left off for to allow the skin breath.

I add that The reson for wearing them is non medical, but a fetish.
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I wouldn't think this would be too good long-term - guys are already prone to things like jock itch in the genital area, which is caused by a fungus that grows in damp places & without breathable fabric, plastic would hold all that sweat & moisture in. I would also imagine this would not be a good thing for females either, since they are prone to vaginal yeast infections. I guess if you're able to do it without having these issues, it might be OK, but I wouldn't recommend it, doesn't seem very hygienic to me...
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In all the time I have worn them I have not had any problems but thanks for the comment
I think the main thing is being clean I wash twice a day and change my pants at the same time.
OK - I think being very meticulous in keeping that area clean would definitely help...
I wear a brand called Henleys Protective Pants which are literally PVC pants you place a pad inside and that’s it. They are absolutely fine on my skin 24/7, even as I know they’re plastic. I do wash and change my pants twice a day (I wear to work), then change when I get hone, then sometimes change the pad before bed). I sleep in the plastic pants as well, but my skin is always washed in the shower in the evening before I wear them again. I do wear relatively close fitting to stop leaks, the plastic does create a ‘bond’ between the skin. But it is never horrible to wear. They are just simply close fitting PVC pants with a pocket/ gusset for a pad. I find the plastic perfectly soft and comfortable on my skin, so they are perfect :)
Love to wear plastic pants all night and then the pre cum is good ands i masturbate and then take off plastic pAnts and clean them. Moisture on rear dries quickly when you remove the plastic pants
I’ve never had a problem and I shower in the morning and bath at night,  I never sweat at all in them but been doing this for 30 years and married 25 years, I’ve always loved plastic panties I’ve got every style from string bikini to bloomers all in super soft plastic
I would say, lots of people do things that aren't healthy to do and are lucky, but plastic is a petroleum product and petroleum is bad for you in every way we use it.  For one thing, not only do all plastics contain some kind of hazardous chemicals that often don't dissipate with time much, but it's also highly estrogenic.  It doesn't breathe.  It's always toxic.  So to anyone else who is reading this, we often don't pay for our mistakes for a lot of years, and a lot of us don't pay at all, but it's better to be safe than count on luck.
I wear only protective PVC underpants that have washable inserts placed inside them, and wear them to bed and during daytime daily.  I’ve never had any problems wearing them, however, and they seem very comfortable, but you do need to be careful as the plastic is a little thin, so I try not to pull them on too quickly. They are snug fitting as well, and I prefer it that way as the material tends to ‘bond’ to the skin.  The plastic does lie against the skin where the pad insert doesn’t, but doesn’t seem to cause any allergic reaction. This panty if you’re interested is the Clinibed Doux Claude PVC which you can find on the internet easily.

I use a product called PVC Wash (German) to wash the panties in, which is the most hygienic way of cleaning them, so it helps prevent any bacteria buildup and keeps the plastic soft and supple.

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I too wear plastic pants next to my skin 24/7 with no problems it took some getting used to but after a few months it got easy.
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I too love wearing plastic (PVC) panties and shorts like bloomers and trousers !
I love the feeling of the soft smooth plastic against my skin.
Being clean really helps with skin rashes and the such......
Wash items after wearing and body parts.
Do not put them in the drier and use cool water and mild soap.
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