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Anal fissure problem after surgery can occure for gay people?

Hello..  I have a question regarding anal fissure. neraly 1,5 months ago I had anal fissure and immediately went to a doctor. He told me to have pomads and warm bath therapy, and after 2 weeks it started to heal itself BUT I think it healed over or a piece appeared which I don't have it till now in my life. İt's more like a new piece appeared after the fissured healed itself. The doctor said it's a normal flesh part but I didn't have it till now and yesterday when I had sex that thing bleeded. Is it a new beginning of anal fissure?

And if I have the surgery does it make it impossible to have anal sex again?
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It's possible that the fissure did not heal completely, or that it was reopened during sex. Surgery for anal fissures will not prevent you from having anal sex. You will just need to give your body plenty of time to heal beforehand. Afterwards, you will have to make sure you use plenty of lubrication, and avoid any type of play that involves "stretching" (large toys, etc). If you do not already have one - it is important that you have a gay-friendly/affirmative doctor who is knowledgeable about gay men's health issue and with whom you can speak to comfortably and openly.

All the best..  
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I had the same issue, a mild fissure that is not healing completely, it's been 5 months now and I tried all kinds of prescription ointments, fibers, sitz bath, etc.

My surgeon can't see it when he examines the area, and he thinks that it's a really mild case of an anal fissure. It still burns a little bit when I go to the bathroom, but it's not stopping me from doing anything, I can walk, run, sit for hours, and all. However, I am a gay man, I tried having sex last week (after 5 months of nothingness) and it was painful, but bearable. I strongly recomend finding a gay friendly doctor, this surgeon that I'm seeing right now is a homophobe, whenever I try to talk about my sexual life with him and ask him questions he tries to avoid discussing that issue w me.

We're gonna try the botox injection and see if it'll help, and he's gonna do a more thourough examination under general anesthesia so hopefully he'll be able to see the spot that's causing all these issues, this is frustrating.

Good luck to us all
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I have had a fissure for six years and fistula as a result for over a year, I just recently had surgery.  It took doctors years to see it, but the pain was a daily 10!!!  I'd have to pull over on the road sometimes to put cream on because it would randomly sting with vengeance!!!  Most docs looked and said it was nothing, not worth surgery, even though I said the pain was a 10!  Finally I talked to an intelligent Colo-rectal doc who said it depends on the person.  He said "I've seen people who look way worse than you, but I've seen people like you and can't even go to work!"  This was probably my 5th or 6th doc I came to with this problem.  He said If it was really making my life that much miserable then lets do the surgery.  I think after insurance I paid about 350?  I feel ten million times better as anyone who has gotten the surgery will tell you, if the docs say no and it's that bad, just keep seeing different docs till finally someone does it!!!  As a heteroflexible/ gender queer male, having something like this can be devastating.  I'm just glad I'm not a full bottom, that would kill your sex life.  My advice is keep pushing till someone with a brain understands how painful this can get.  At least find a doc who can prescribe some nitroglycerin based ointment, it does wonders for temporary relief!!!  If you do engage in anal penetration, I defiantly recommend waiting a good while after the surgery.  My gf and I will play with small stuff, but don't risk something like that, it's just not worth it!      
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