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Bioling and burning in head

i have been masturbating for about 6 years . since 3 or 4 days i masturbated again and after that time i felt like if my head is boiling and and burning and that feel lasts with me till now , i want to know what is the relation between masturbating and that feeling , and if there is a problem in my brain that could be fixed  
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See a doctor. Have never heard of this happening but doesn`t mean it exists. If this feeling occurs every time u masterbate, you should have concerns. If may be caused by the pressure & tension build up just before release. Even if you`re masterbating several times a day, you should be ok. If you have the ability, have an MRI to see if all your blood is flowing thru your brain as it should. This may pass but if not, see that doctor as soon as u can.
Thank you much ☺, I will have an MRI and see Neurologists and hope everything be ok
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