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Breast milk?

Im only 14 years old and I have started birth conrtol about a week ago. Me and my boyfriend have had sex a few times. twice with condoms and twice without. The last time was actually today and we had no condoms. I am very stupid for doing this I know but now I have concerns. I have noticed when I squeeze my nipples a sticky clear-ish liquid comes out. Both sides. I don't know if this is normal or what but Im asking advice. I think its been happening since a little while before I started on the pills.

Please leave your advice or clinical knowledge to my situation,
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I would first of all say that you are awfully young to be on the pill.  But that is just me ...

If the discharge happened before you started the pill then I would see a doctor about it.  I honestly don't know much about what pubescent girls go through during puberty, so I do not know if this is normal or not.  

If it happened after the pill then definitely see a doctor.
986603 tn?1248976499
Thanks. I appreciate it.
986603 tn?1248976499
Oh, and its not spontainious. Only when I squeeze my nipple it happens. Would that really make a difference?
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