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Bumps on labia majora

Hello there... to the point, I have bumps on my labia majora. I am a virgin, and as for sexual intercourse, its complicated (however,penis has never penetrated). I think its a yeast infection or cysts, reasons I believe so,
1. They're not like blisters so herpes is out
2. They are enclosed and appear to be like a pimple or a large enclosed boil.
3. When they do happen to 'pop' the bumps have yellowish liquid that is slightly thick and a light yellow in color. It doesn't necessarily have a bad scent, but after popping the area becomes sensitive to touch and itches when closing up.
I like to research when stuff happens to my body but I am still unclear. I just want to know what they are, so I can get rid of them. Also these bumps occur nowhere else but in the my pubic area (vulva)
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I don't think you can diagnose this with much accuracy on the forum (it's fine to ask of course), but you may have a bacterial or yeast infection.  Do you shave your vulva?  Sometimes the hair follicles can get infected (folliculitis) with shaving, or infected from irritation and rubbing.  Your best bet is to see your doctor.  My guess is a course of antibiotics will take care of it, but it pays to seek professional help.
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