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Can anyone share some helpful advice for our size problem?

I am in a wonderful marriage and my wife and I love each other very much. But we have one little problem in our intimacy I am kind of large in endowment. And my wife, who has never had children and has not had a lot of sexual partners in her life, is kind of small and tight, so full intercourse is nearly impossible for us because it is quite painful and unpleasant for her. We have discussed everything a lot and we considered a reduction surgery for me but neither one of us wants that. But we really want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life together with complete and pleasurable intercourse. Can we please ask some experts and people with experience in this same problem for some helpful advice? What kinds of things can my wife and I do to achieve and enjoy full satisfying intercourse together?
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I'm not a Dr but I can recommend a couple of things to try.
Make sure your wife is satisfied first. Either with oral sex or you using your finger to make her orgasm. This way she'll be very wet and insertion can be easier.
If you haven't tried an over the counter lubrication yet you need to buy a water based one.
When having intercourse let her be on top. That way she can control how much of your penis she can handle.
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