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Can it be pregnancy..??please help.!!


i wanted to ask the following query..

my girlfriend is suffering from aplastic anemia and we have never had sex For the past 3 n half years.
since her health is improving with the treatment finally we did it.
we copulated for the first time yesterday(the very first).

she is on DEVIRY which is a Medroxyprogesterone
tablet and also SEVISTA which is a Ormeloxifene tablet(which she is taking 2wise a week).
but i inserted "unprotected" ..but almost after 30 secnds i removed realsing my mistake.. i did not ejaculate inside her. but i am still scared about the Pre seminal fluid causing pregnancy.

are the pllis that she is having enough to curb pregnancy..i.e sevista which is also a contraceptive i suppose.
i am really scared please help..
CAn she be pregnant.??
please help.
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She can only get pregnant if she was ovulating. Women only ovulate once a month for 12-24hrs about 2 weeks before there period. Since u did not actually ejaculate in her and she is on birth control, the chance of pregnancy is very slim.
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I agree, changes are extremely slim. Make sure you take more precaution in the future, but for now try not to stress.
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Thanks ppl... BTW due to the medicine DEVIRY she is taking everyday..  She hasn't gotten any periods in 2 yrs..  It was given specially so that the wall of her egg thickens n there is no blood loss during periods..  N SEVISTA..  Is a 2 times. A week contraceptive..  

.  So very slim chance right..  After the extra info i gave u...?
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