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Cant *** at all....

Hi, I biked in a bike race 3 weeks ago and after my bits were numb and I couldnt get hard or anything... after the first week I could get hard but now I cant orgasm.. It feels like I still havent got 100% sensitivity back in the head of my penis? Will this come back or what can I do to help it?
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Couple of things could have happened:  you could have injured your prostate or irritated it making ejaculation difficult.  Also, rigorous biking can damage nerves that supply the pelvis with feeling and control.  This can be a temporary or a permanent condition depending on how long you've been biking.  I'd suggest staying off the bike completely for a while and see if the nerves recover.  Since you've been improving, it sounds like the nerves are healing.  But there are cases of permanent ED caused from nerve damage from biking.
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Seriously, if sexual health is important to you, dont race bikes competitevly. Virtually all competitive cyclists are impotent from the nerve damage they got from riding bikes hard.
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