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Choosing a primary care physician

I am soliciting responses only from male participants.  I am a male in my late 30's.  I recently moved across the state and am looking to choose a primary care physician.  My former one was a male, and I felt really free and open in asking any kind of questions/concerns with him, especially sexual health related ones - I have more than my share of them.  In my new place, looks like vast majority of PCPs are females.  I am not sure how comfortable would I be in discussing sexuality-related topics with them and going through physical exams with them.

I would appreciate opinions/feedback from any male participants who have/had similar situations.  Looking for really honest assistance and guidance.  If you want to privately communicate with me, I am open to that as well.
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ai's work for me
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I think if you've been comfortable with males, keep looking for males. You know they are out there. I think same sex doctors can make us feel more comfortable so agree with you.
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