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Discharge after Mastrubation

Hello, after masturbating, I suddenly notice a solid white discharge coming from my vagina while I'm still doing so. What is it? It is not a creamy or solid cluster of white.
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Your probably okay. It seems pretty normal to me. Sometimes if I have a lot of discharge and it dries before I can clean it will kind of get stuck in the folds of my skin and come out sometimes. Hen you are moving things around because of masturbation then that could be it.
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I have a confession, I watch porn. And in doing so I know that what you are describing is normal.
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Please don't let porn give you ideas about what is normal or not. Very little about porn is normal. It's a lot of lighting, fake orgasms, lubrication, etc., etc.
interesting, ok thanks
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It's kind of hard to understand what you're describing when you call it a discharge in the title and then call it "solid white discharge" that is "not a solid cluster of white."

If it is not a flowing substance, it could be smegma, but there wouldn't be lots of it, I'm not sure how obvious it would be or what it would come off on such that you would see it. There are also discharges from yeast infections described as looking white and clumpy, like cottage cheese. Maybe that is what you're seeing?
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Yeah, sorry my bad,  I find it difficult to describe it, but it resembles a tiny white stone with a little black on top or something. I've already looked up yeast infections, but I didn't find anything similar.
And did you look up smegma? It's body oils mixed with dead skin cells, I think, and can collect in the folds of genital skin (men or women).
Yes, I already look it up and it was not like that. It's not creamy or liquid, it's just like a solid white tiny stone resemblance.
Smegma is not a liquid, but more like the consistency of ripe avocado, and it sticks in the folds of the skin. If you have been reading something that implies it is a liquid, try a different source.

You say it resembles a tiny stone. Could it be actual sand? Have you recently been swimming in the ocean?
Here is another idea. If someone has had damage to the urethra (tube out of which urine flows normally), sometimes the broken end of the utethra can deposit urine into the vagina, out of which it then flows. But something called "vaginal stones" can form due to the salts in the urine. Have you ever had an ob/gyn examine you and comment that your urethra seems to be ending in your vagina? (I realize this is far fetched, but it's what comes up when the search words are "vagina" and "stone."
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6882588/ describes a vaginal stone that formed over a long time and got somewhat large-ish. But that was without the assistance of someone pulling it out (as you did when masturbating) until the woman went to the doctor. If someone were to actively masturbate, it might be that if they had this issue, they would catch them earlier and they would be smaller.
No, I haven't consulted about it yet but I will probably do. Thank you so much for this.
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