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Do women's personality change after climax ?

I don't think many women act much differently after they've been satisfied.
  So why do men? I'm in my late 40's so I have a bit of experience.
   Women are still loving and eager to please later. While in my experience men turn cold and disinterested. Even good kind hearted men. What is going on? Is it a chemical reaction? Laziness? Mean-ness?
   Men act one way before satisfaction and another even out of character behavior after. I'm glad I have my own room to retreat. Anyone have ideas on this topic?
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Probably generation of prolactln is the culprit.Full mechanism is worth reading......Prolactin sends message to the brain that work is done and the energy is not required, resulting in drowsiness .Woman does not produce prolactin. I am writing this one from my old memory.
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Thanks. You are a really knowledgable man.
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