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Does any other woman have the urge to masterbate after they just masterbate??

When I masterbate, after I get off rubbing my clit, I keep having the urge to do it again and again. Does any other woman habe this problem? I do have aex husband who lives with me, but we HARDLY have sex.
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I’m a guy, so obviously can’t speak from personal experience, but it’s well-known that many women can have multiple orgasms & that there’s basically no ‘refractory oeriod’ as there is with males. I have heard/read about women who could continue to stimulate themselves to many orgasms before feeling satisfied. I certainly wouldn’t consider it a negative & I think most guys would envy that! Nothing to be concerned about in my opinion. I hope there are some women out there who might respond with their own similar experiences, just to let you know you’re not alone & not some kind of ‘freak’. How ‘bout it, ladies? Anyone willing to share your experiences & let Dee know this is not anything to worry about?
I don’t know how to explain it.  My org is not the same as my bf where he shoots and over.  I feel waves
Well, altho male & female orgasms are similar, there are some differences. It seems the average F org lasts a little longer than the avg M org. Also, women seem to have a series of semi-peaks before going over the top (like a roller coaster), whereas for most men it’s more like a single climb to the top & then over. And for most men, they need a little time before they can get off again, whereas many women can jump right back in with very little delay. Overall,  I think you are not outside what’s considered normal - you may be a little more sexually oriented than most women, but what you’re experiencing isn’t all that unusual, I think.
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