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Dry orgasim for female or something else!?

Hi I'm a 27yr old female and I don't believe I've ever had an orgasim. Sex has always felt great but still never reached that point of "getting off" I'm currently in a relationship with a man who turns me on more than I've ever been in my life and we have the greatest sex I have ever experienced! Yet because I don't orgasim he has been saying how he can't satisfy me or that he doesn't turn me on but that is FAR from the case I've never been more turned on or satisfied by anyone!! This past week we have tried so many different things and I've felt sensations I've never had before with oral sex, using toys, different positions everything. Then today I felt this sensation like I thought was an orgasim that made my entire body tense, I couldn't help but scream, and got very light headed BUT THEN I went dry instead of getting dripping wet and my boyfriend got so upset finished everything and is feeling like I faked everything and that I'm not turned on at all and I'm afraid I'm going to loose him now because of this but I don't know what else to do or why this is happening!?!? Someone please help!! I don't want to lose this man and he keeps saying me being satisfied and getting off is what he truly wants and satisfies him and that because I don't orgasim that he's not satisfying which is not true but he won't listen to me!!! What is wrong with me!?!?
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You have to tell him that going dry is how you get off - if you are getting enough pleasure to scream out, and if he is getting enough stimulation to ejaculate, then what more is there?  If he is being as *** and expecting things that won't happen (yet) then he better wake up.  I think he is not allowing you to be you
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