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Ehactulating more than once, is it pissible?

Is it possible for a man to ejaculate more than once?  I have heard of people or couples saying they can go almost all night, but for me it seems as if if can do it once?  Why?  How can I improve this?  Someone said something about using Viagra or an informercial called extendz.  I can get it up, just want to be able to do it more often

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I can go with my wife all night long if she would let me. I am 42 and ejaculate 1-3 times back to back depending on how stimulated i am. But, sometimes i do not ejaculate at all. Like tonight. My wife had two orgasm and i did not have any
But, now i am pissed because she did not even try to get me off
see what, she has to say when I am banging one of her friends.
Sorry for my rant Craig. tired of this one way sex street.
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Everyone is different, and you can only do what you can do.  I would not compare myself to others or spend time and/or money trying to accomplish this, that is, multiple orgasms.  From my point of view, no more that once per day is enough and is really better (to me) because it allows the body to rejuvenate and build up tension with a greater interest and desire for the next one, for both you and your partner.  Sometimes overdoing something can lead to burnout and mental, as well as physical, fatigue, making it less exciting and more of a marathon affair.  But for those that can do more and not strain, more power to them.  It's just not for me.  
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Yes, it IS very possible for a man to ejaculate more than once. Every man I've been with has been able to have mulitples. It is important to know that EVERY MAN IS DIFFERENT! Some are able to get right back into sex while other need anywhere from a few minutes to half and hour. Although when that second, third or even fourth orgasm comes, there is not always an ejaculation along with it. But when there is, it may just be seminal fluid (power food for your sperm) because your guys just haven't had enough time to produce more sperm.

Anyways, YES Craig, it is possible. If you really want to know, then practice. See how many times you can mastrubate and the length of time in between.
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