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Emergency contraceptives!! Help!!

Ok so I'm a virgin and my boyfriend and I got carried away while kissing, he tool out his penis and placed my hand to touch him so I did he then touched my private over my panties(the panties are not cotton but see through lace fabric). He then put his penis away and continued to touch me over the panties. He did not ejaculate!! And I didn't notice any precum but could I still get pregnant?? And should I even take emergency contraceptives? I don't really know so I'm kinda freaking out! I mean he just touched me on the outside
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Sperm really needs a way to get to an egg. And because there was no contact or *** it would have been really difficult for sperm to find its way. So try not to be too worried. The thing you need to keep in mind about emergency contraceptives are they are a large dose of hormones, shouldn't be taken very often, and can have some side effects. So if you're really freaking out, I would way up the likelihood sperm found its way vs. the amount of medication in the pill.

My advice to you is maybe start taking the pill or another kind of regular contraception. If you're considering becoming sexually active, even if you will use condoms, it doesn't hurt to be extra cautious. Also that way if a condom does break you don't have to be so worried. It also doesn't hurt to keep a morning after pill on hand, just in case. But like I said be careful how you use it.
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