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Erectile dysfunction in a Sexless Marriage

If you are essentially celibate because you are in a marriage with an asexual partner, can you lose the ability to achieve erection after an extended period of time, (as in my case of apprx. 16 months), due to psychosomatic influences? I guess I know I will never again have sex with this woman but cannot see myself leaving the relationship due to financial and other considerations. I still attempt masturbation but cannot achieve a full erection. I am, however, still able to reach orgasm and ejaculate.
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I do not have diabetes, but have been diagnosed with low testosterone. Viagra does not seem to work for me at all. I have attempted sex with an old high school girlfriend since I started having the ED, I find her sexually stimulating.....but, even with Viagra up to 100 mg., I cannot achieve a fully rigid erection sufficient for penetration. I don't want to go on HRT, but am wondering if there is something I am missing that I could try to improve my erectile function.
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i would like to ask that if a man has ED then will he able to get morning errection
i master bate to much and some times the errection is not good .
but the morning errection is mind blowing so do i have ED also?
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Get checked for diabetes as ED is often the first sign.  There are other causes of ED, and you should make sure you are getting enough exercise and not smoking.  Erections require the right nerve impulses and vascular supply, and exercise is good for the vascular system.  

If you don't have diabetes, then be assured that Viagra would probably restore your erections if you needed them back.  In fact, if you keep your blood sugar down, even with diabetes, Viagra might work, but maybe not as well.  

Sorry about your marriage.  If she is on antidepressants, that will kill her sex drive.  
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