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Fantasy obsession

So, I'm a 30's chick with a fantasy that replays over in my head a lot.  It's always a cop fantasy and it's annoying me now, as I think about it all the time.  I feel if I went and lived it out I would stop thinking about it.  Anyone else have a fantasy that they think about far to much?
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I'm sure there are some cute, single cops out there.  Will mention, though, that maybe trying it out won't work -- like anything that is based only on external appearance, you might be disappointed when the real human that you find under the uniform doesn't live up to the image of the perfect fantasy cop in your mind. (Which might be why you haven't actually put it to the test.  Why spoil a good fantasy that you can have years of fun with?)  People sometimes feel this way when they meet a media star, like a television broadcaster or a movie star.  Rita Hayworth (who had a big hit as a sexy singer in the movie Gilda) said about her large number of husbands -- "They all married Gilda but they all woke up with me."
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I think everyone has a fantasy or even a few when having sex!
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