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I have not been sexually active for a while. Last week my new boyfriend and I decided to take that step. Since that time my vaginal area is sore and when I use the restroom it burns. It feels like it is torn or something. How long with this last, as it has already been a week, and is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process?
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not to my knowledge there is anything to help speed up the healing process. next time you have sex, make sure more lubrication is involved thru the entire sex act. if it burns for another week, you may want to see your doctor because it could be a bacterial infection.
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Its quite normal that if you have sex after long gap it happens. It will automatically stop when you do regular sex but with a good foreplay like oral sex etc.
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keep the area cool, dry, and clean. If it doesnt get better go see your doctor.
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