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Female sexual Dysfunction

I had a hysterectomy and sling procedure I was in excruciating pain at the time so was not at luxury to ask lots of questions and even the ones I asked were either answered incorrectly or not answered at all. I think one of the doctored steered me because he though I needed the procedure or worse yet he wanted the fee. However, it seems to me that the OB-Gyns and Urologists know almost nothing about female sexual organs as they function. They do not understand the nerves that supply sensation. They do not seem to know where they are located and further if they traumatize them and leave you with no sensation they best they can do is say, oh you have got FSD (female sexual dysfunction) or dyspareunia. They can offer you no help. Further I found after seeking help from numerous doctors they really don't want to know about it and are not really able to explain anything to you. I am so sad to say I found them useless, ill informed and neither helpful or consoling. I am talking including the surgeons that did this to me 7 different doctors. I think the stats they hand out before surgery are grossly incorrect. I think 30 to 40 percent of women end up with impared to no sexual function and some end up with incontinence (urine and/or feces). If I am wrong please tell me where there is someone who can help me. Because despite popular stereotypes of women I like sex. It is vital to health and happiness. I do not think it is an extra. I think people need it to survive. I think other women feel the same. I think I feel the same as men do in this situation, and that is that this maybe the end of me. I am too young to live a lifetime without it. No sex is a relationship killer. I think women should no doctors are misleading them about the data. I have taked to many woman who have had the surgery and no doctor has asked them how is sex post surgery. I asked a friend about her surgery. She lied to me. She told me it was the same. I found out later after this happen to me that not only could she not have sex she had fecal incontinence. She was too embarrased and she was a nurse. Let's get it out in the open.
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Well I had a hysterectomy a year ago this July, however I did not have a sling done. That being said, for me the hormones played a bigger role in my sex drive then my hysterectomy did. I have a small problem with urinary incontinence but only when I cough. I can honestly say that once I started on hrt therapy, my sex drive went into to overdrive. I can't imagine no longer enjoying sex.
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I left my post above 6 mos.ago. It has now been two years since my surgery. Despite pursuing help every place I can think of Including Dr. Hoyte ( He did not answer after two emails). I have had no help. I have spoken to eight doctors and all have either all stared blankly at me or looked at me like I was a three headed woman. I have do not have a enough sensation to orgasm. I have reduced bladder sensation. I do not have pain during Intercourse, but two hours later I have terrible bladder and pelvic pain that last two to three days. One doctor had this intense need to prove the pain was caused by Interstitial Cystitis. So I underwent several tests, including one under anesthsia. It was not IC. Then she dumped me, but she at least looked closer than the others, who did Zero.  I can only conclude that no one knows what they are doing, Since most won't even have a conversation about the subject. I sure wish the Urologist had told me before he did the sling that I was going to 1. be handcapped because I would now be limited to lifting 20 pounds or less.(Yes, ladies if they have not told you, You need to be aware that you will not be able to lift your children or grand children(or do so at your own risk)). Most carryon luggage also weighs more than 20 lbs. If your doctor tells you go ahead and lift what you want he/she does not know what they are talking about. 2. That the pudendal nerve is right behind the bladder and vagina so if he/she nicks it along with the extra holes they are often make in your bladder, then you will be in interminable pain like me, you may have no sexual sensation like me or like another woman I know you may also have urinary and fecal incontenance as well. (the sexual part for her is not a problem because she can't have sex anyway unless she has an enema first and then lays down towels to catch the urine). Sorry, to be so graphic, but the truth is the statistics are bad. I do not know why any doctor would do slings or cystoceles or rectoceles or urethroceles unless the circumstance could not get worse. My situation was mild. The surgeon collected a lousy $3000. and meanwhile my life is ruined and I can get no help with sexual issue or the constant pain. I bet anyone can guess what toll it has on a marriage, even one of 29 years. Not angry; devastated. I want women to know, If you have damp underwear and a little issue when you cough or sneeze; Live with it. Because it is unlikely modern medicine will make it better. It will more likely take a vanity issue and make it a desperate life long medical problem. You may find yourself with not much left and no one throwing you a rope.
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